Athena Music & Wellness Therapy, Inc. is a mental wellness solutions

provider; harnessing the power of music to help others with a wide range of challenges from

Autism to Alzheimer’s, and from addiction to depression. We specialize in clinical music therapy treatment, therapist education, mental wellness, and licensing

1). A complete education platform for music therapy ( online / in-class)

2). Music therapy treatment system (virtual tele-therapy /in-person care)
3). Wellness technology development / content licensing – TuneWell is a robust music wellness

therapy / self-care, mental fitness mobile app that users can listen to from anywhere and thrive. Athena also has a patented assistive digital tech therapy device for Autism, Alzheimer’s, and rehabilitation patients

Athena is the exclusive licensee in North America and Southeast Asia that has AICQ SICEV
( ACCREDIA)-Authorization, as the evaluation and certification examination for music therapy.AICQ SICEV is a Certification organization (OdC) accredited by ACCREDIA (the Italian government accreditation agency.)

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