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International Music & Wellness Council (IMWC) is a non- profit which helps children and adults with special needs through music therapy treatments. We also provide professional trainings to existing therapists in order to help them develop their expertise and skills in the field of Music Therapy so that they may effectively treat those with special needs.

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  • 10 Lug 2020

    Healing Power of Music musictherapy’s session like

    The Healing Power of Music is Unlike any Other Form of Treatment Music therapy is a combination of the art…
  • 09 Lug 2020

    How does music therapy help children and teens with autism

    According to the ‘Journal of Music Therapy(,’ music therapy can improve the overall response, behaviors, communication skills, body language, etc.…
  • 06 Lug 2020

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What is Music Therapy?
Music Therapy is a powerful instrument used to improve the overall quality of life, from helping people cope with stress (developing resilience ) to helping manage daily reactions to everyday problems. More specifically, Music Therapy is a psychological and clinical intervention prescribed to those deeply affected by a range of physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive, and social conditions.

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